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  • STATIN NATION: The Great Cholesterol Cover-Up
    STATIN NATION: The Great Cholesterol Cover-Up
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    The New Medicine Will Be More About Physics Than Biology

    For so many reasons, medicine in the future will involve more physics than biology. Physics is the parent science and doctors are already using quantum physics for the detection of diseases. There will of course be strong opposition to the new medicine because it poses a huge threat to the highly profitable health industries, in particular the pharmaceutical industry.

    The film, The Living Matrix, provides a good introduction to some of the modalities that will be used in the future.



    Spontaneous Evolution – Review by Justin Smith


    Its not often that I read a book and feel that my life will never be the same again after reading it. But this is exactly how I feel about Spontaneous Evolution by Dr Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman.

    The book is a delicate blend of spirituality, philosophy, evolution, medicine, biology, psychology, economics, ecology, religion, ancient wisdom, holistic health, cultural studies, political history and quantum physics. All assembled to describe where humans have got to and where we must now go in order to attain humanity.

    The book is for anyone who is, say we say, uncomfortable, with the current state of world affairs. Be it economic collapse, environmental catastrophe, endless warfare, or a crisis in our health system, there has certainly been enough to occupy our consciousness in the recent past. At times, these problems do make us feel powerless and leave us wondering if humans are likely to follow the same logical conclusion and ultimate endpoint as the dinosaurs. 

    However, Spontaneous Evolution provides for a more positive and optimistic future.

    Lipton and Bhaerman discuss the status quo in the context of a long lasting competition between materialism and spirituality. During hunter gatherer days, humans enjoyed balance or harmony between the material and spiritual realms. We then followed a path into the spiritual realm that saw the creation of many different religions. Religion eventually received significant challenges from science, as scientific answers where provided for everyday phenomena. Eventually, science became the new religion and emphasis was placed on finding a materialistic understanding of nature.

    It is difficult for us to imagine that a belief in science would have once led to imprisonment or criticism by the church. But now, not believing in science can be a punishable offense or at least banishment from scientific establishment. 

    Our belief in a mechanistic materialistic science may have led the world to its current state. Our materialistic view of nature has been fuelled by Darwinism and Newtonian physics. As it turns out though, random selection or survival of the fittest does not match the reality of life. It is more accurate to say that humans have adapted to their environment as a means to survive. And Newton's Laws of Motion, despite enabling many technological advancements in the material realm, cannot even begin to explain how things work at the sub-atomic level.

    Our current materialistic view of medicine has already reached a sad conclusion. Depending on which study you choose to trust, mainstream medicine is now either the first or the third biggest killer in America. Medicine is no longer about health but mostly motivated by financial profit. Pharmaceutical companies have almost reached the limit of what can be done with synthetic 'treatments'. 

    This is evidenced by the lack of innovative new drugs that genuinely help people. Drug companies have been forced to change tactics. They are now focussed on spreading misinformation and disease mongering for the purpose of generating revenue to satisfy shareholders. The highly profitable cholesterol-lowering industry is a prime example of this. An acceptance of Darwinism and Newtonian principles has taken us into this direction.  

    Our view that only matter matters led to the mapping of the genome. But it also led to the startling revelation that humans have no more genetic code than a worm! The complexity of a person is not solely determined by their genes.

    Touching the polarities of the materialistic and spiritual realms has taught us a great deal and our next evolutionary leap can allow us to make full use of current and future technology -- but with an acceptance of the absolute reality of “the field”. 

    The field is the term used by modern physicists to describe an invisible energy matrix, or what Einstein eventually described as “the sole governing agency of matter”.

    Mainstream science has already taken a turn back toward spiritually through its investigation of quantum mechanics and the field. For example, we have known for some time that sub-atomic particles are influenced by the mere act of looking at them. 

    This is where mainstream physics is right now, and it does not represent a departure from scientific principles, rather, an advancement of science to include the realities of the field that is acting upon matter.   

    Under the dark cloud of Darwinism, humans have felt powerless to avoid the impending doom. But an understanding of where we have been and our true potential can effect the Spontaneous Evolution that is now required.